The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-time Indian

Book - 2009
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Oct 04, 2020

Though this book may seem graphic, it really does give a glimpse into a Native American community and the struggle to hope. It's very real.

Jul 21, 2020

Life on the Spokane Indian Reservation was tough for Junior, a teenage Indian boy. He lived in poverty, had alcoholic parents, bullied by his community and even his best friend was not nice to him. Mr. P, a white teacher, encouraged him to attend an all white high school, Reardon High, outside the reservation where he could get a better education. His parents were supportive of the idea. Being the only Indian student in his new high school caused a lot of tension with the other kids until he punched out the strongest, most popular kid in the school. To his surprise, the other kids accepted him after that.

I genuinely liked this book. It talks about living in poverty, how it feels being the odd one out, and it sheds light on racism. Living in poverty was tough, but the journey to try and work hard to get out of poverty proved to be even tougher for Junior. He was ashamed of being poor so he tried to hide it from his white friends. When he finally had to confess that he was poor, his true friends stood by him. That was a huge lesson he learned that true friendship is not based on whether you are rich or poor. True friendship is loyalty and a bond with the other person. As a teenager, the worst feeling is being the odd one out.

This book also touches on the subject of racism. Junior’s girlfriend was a white blonde hair girl and that her father did not approve of him simply because he was Indian. In one scenario, Junior was admiring his girlfriend playing volleyball wearing a white T-shirt with white shorts, against her light skin color and blonde hair. It seems as though the author used this scene to challenge the reader to think deeper into the issue of racism. Is her father the racist for disliking him for his darker skin color or is Junior a racist for admiring his girlfriend's lighter skin color? The only downside of this book is that it was unnecessarily sexualized. I feel the author used sexuality just to be “cool” for the teen audience. Aside from that, this book is a great read for those interested in a genuine teenage experience.

Jun 03, 2020

This book is pornographic. It is completely inappropriate and should be removed from the library.
The basic premise could go places but the writing is horrendous.

Apr 16, 2020

The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-time Indian gives a new perspective on Native Americans and their lives. A 14 year old native teen named Arnold is its hilarious narrator who walks the story through his journey at the reserve, and moving to a “white” town. At some points this book does include mature language, and some may be offended by the words “Indian” and “white” used but overall it gives a whole new perspective of the difficult lives of Native Americans. The story quickly plays with your emotions because it is constantly jumping from sad themes, then to humour, and then some more sadness. To summarize, The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-time Indian is an eye-opening book that is hilarious and a fun read! 4/5
@UniquePerspective of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Mar 09, 2020

This book had me laughing all the way from the start! I could not put it down. The story was also inspiring and gave me a deeper insight into other peoples' lives. Highly recommended!

Jan 12, 2020

A really fun book to read, I never got bored while reading and it had a great message. There is some bad language but it makes it more lighthearted so the book doesn't get too serious; would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a nice quick read.

sjpl_rebekah Jan 10, 2020

I was looking through available eBooks in our library catalog, and decided it was finally time to read this book. I recommend it a lot to teens because the format, cartooning, and writing style has made it beloved by many young readers.

I have to admit I was very impressed that Alexie could make such serious content humorous. Arnold/Junior does not have an easy life, yet he approaches each new situation with courage, wit, and resilience. There were times when I was both cringing and laughing simultaneously - an odd feeling indeed.

Arnold/Junior makes a very difficult decision to leave the "rez" to attend a "white" school in a neighboring town. At first he is shunned by both the Indians he left behind, and the kids at his new school who view him as an outsider, but gradually he starts to gain acceptance from his new peers. In a lot of ways this book was very illuminating regarding life on a "rez," and reveals some of the challenges that many Native American tribes face today. Arnold/Junior is very realistic about his situation, discussing in particular the difficulties of poverty and alcoholism in his family, but I never once got the impression that he felt unloved or unsupported by his family members (which is rare in a book that features alcoholic parents). Arnold/Junior knew he wanted a different situation for himself, thus branching outside the rez, but he never forgot where he came from and he still held out hope until the very end for reconciliation with his tribe. I would imagine this book has been very inspiring for people in similar situations - those who are afraid to break the mold and step into the unknown. Arnold/Junior shows that it's not easy, but it is possible, and sometimes the results can be positive in ways you do not expect.

Oct 15, 2019

This was a fantastic story from a very interesting perspective. Its message is very effective and powerful, illustrating the harm that results from stereotyping and the struggles that poverty causes. The diary is written in a lighthearted and humorous way, which I appreciate because it would be very easy to make the same story depressing and tragic without the comic relief. Junior was relatable and very funny, overall a great narrator. His journey was exciting and meaningful, as he proves himself to both his tribe and his new school. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian is a great read. The pace is concise but detailed, the tone is serious yet playful, and the theme is powerful and relevant to every student's life. I would reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys entertaining shenanigans and adventures. Rating: 5/5
@outdoorsman14 of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Hello everyone, this is the tiny astronaut again. Today I am going to share my reflection of the book "The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian”.
The story tells about an Indian boy named Ronald Spirit Junior who lives in the reservation and wanted to go outside of the Rez to have his dreams achieved. First of all, the personality of Arnold and his family are very hard to understand, I think that this is because of the influence of all the other people who also lived in the Rez. Even though the government had given the Rez money and support, people are still poor. According to the book, when Arnold decided to go to the school of Reardan his dad doesn't even have enough gas to drive Arnold to school!
The other thing is that there is hardly anyone who doesn't drink alcohol in the Rez. Well, alcohol can sometimes release your pain since most of the people in the Rez are in pain. However, people die easily because of alcohol. Without any exaggeration, perhaps yesterday you just made a good friend and today he's crushed by a car. Arnold was just a high school student and he has already been to 53 funerals! That is insane. If I were the protagonist and I had been through 53 funerals I think I'm just going to collapse.
This is a sad story but with a warm ending: Arnold is friends with Rowdy again; All Arnold's friends in Reardan have a good fortune etc. Also, the theme of this book is good and obvious: never give up, there is always hope. Star Rating: 3/5
@tiny_astronaut of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Oct 01, 2019

One of the best coming-of-age books I've ever read. Funny and heartbreaking-- and so real.

Jul 29, 2019

This has got to be in my top five favorite books. Heartfelt, honest, hilarious. Great read for most ages.

Groszerita May 26, 2019

It's hilarious and it also has cartoons which I love!
Funny funny point of view from a young male teenager who lives in an Indian reservation. He decides to attend school at a high school outside of the reservation - where he will be the only Indian among white students. Because of this, he angers his best friend and most of the Indians in the reservation.

Jan 30, 2019

Ah Sherman you dog. Loved the book, grew up with the characters, of course this wan't the Junior I knew, he was an old man by the time you wrote this. Hope this all clears for you.

Jan 17, 2019

The book is extremely super funny to read it. I cannot stop laughing at it. And I can't wait to study this book in school and to play Kahoot Trivia game. :) :) :) :) :)

Jan 11, 2019

While this is fiction, it feels like a comedian's autobiography. It's chatty, and the narrator regularly pokes fun of himself and the situations he finds himself in. Incredibly authentic feeling. The author clearly knows what life is like on a reservation - whether through research or experience (I didn't look up his history to check).

Very similar in feel to Trevor Noah's Born a Crime (except that that book actually is an autobiography - and if you haven't read it yet, you should), Absolutely True Diary tackles issues of racism, poverty and culture clash in a very accessible and lighthearted way without diminishing their importance.

Highly recommend.

Jan 10, 2019

One of my all-time favorite books. It is about a Native American teenager living on the reservation and dealing with all of the regular teenage stuff on top of family issues and reservation life.

Nov 19, 2018

This book is lit! It talks about a lot of things that you may be able to relate to, also any available solutions for any real life problems you may be experiencing. True Diary is a book of a young boy names Junior who gets bullied by everyone but his one true friend Rowdy who likes to find fights. In his current school, he gets bullied and he feels like he does not get well educated so he leaves that school to go to another school where his life makes a change for the better...

Nov 19, 2018

this book is about a novel
that has conformity in it
has alot of fighting in it
and it has a alot dislike and like

i think this is a good book because its funny a little bit
how they get in a fight

this would be good for my sister because shes loves
to fight alot
and argue .

Nov 02, 2018

This book was about a kid named Jr. who lived on a poor Indian reservation with his poor family and went to a poor school. The school he went to was called wellpint, a very poor school on the Indian reservation, not to later on in the book, Jr. decides to transfer to Rearden, a more wealthy school outside of the reservation with a vast majority of white people and very little Indians. This book is very amusing and very interesting when it comes to how it alters the emotions of the reader, it's a very emotional book at certain times but it is also an extremely funny book to read. This is the very first book I've ever read by this author and I already love his style, this book is very original and I highly recommend it to those who have at least an average ready level with a good amount of maturity. You’ll love this book if you're into books that carry an emotional connection with the reader.

Nov 02, 2018

My book is called the absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian, it about Indian people who were poorer than the white people and the character of my is about an Indian boy who was in a poor family and then one day one of his animal friends was sick and they couldn't help him so he dies and when he was a kid he had a brain surgery he was lucky the doctor and his parent thought he was going to die but he made it. I feel that the book is the best book I ever read because it really makes me feel that I was in the I have not read a book with similar themes, I feel this book compared to those who what to learn about Indian people in the past, yes i recommend because this book talks about people in the past that were poor and how they make it and being free from poorness.

Nov 02, 2018

The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian
Sherman Alexie

This book is about this Indian guy named Junior that has a friend that is really buff and beats everybody up. His name is Rowley. Eventually Junior left Rowley to go to a different high school named Reardan and it was a racist all-white school and Junior felt displaced. This one scene is when the prettiest girl in the Reardan high school her name was Penelope she vomiting near the bathroom Junior was in. So Junior knocked and waited for her to come out and she told Junior what was going on so they eventually became close friends. Everyone was surprised because junior was new to the school and not popular at all. Penelope's father Earl was very racist and said some racist stuff to Junior and was only letting Junior date her because he knew that she was trying to get on his nerves.

I really liked this book because it was really funny and it has a good story, for example, one time Rowley got so mad that he took a shovel and kept on hitting this minivan. All because Junior was leaving him for another school. After I finish this book I will read a lot of other books made by this author. I have read lots of other funny books and this one is in my top five. I felt like this book was funnier than a lot of other books I read.

I recommend this book for people who have a sense of humor and like funny stuff.i think a lot of fifteen to seventeen-year-olds would love this book because of its comedy.

Sep 28, 2018

Very insightful and impactful story on many levels plus effective use of cartoons/drawings to enhance the story and characters.

Sep 02, 2018

i really like this book

Aug 24, 2018

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part- time Indian is a very good book to read. There are many reasons to support this statement. 1- Helps you preparer the types of projects you will do based on this book and around this in your high school career.
2- Helps you to be more open minded
3- say to read and great for english learners
4- Understand other cultures and what most people go through
5- also funny.)

---- I would recommend this book to people between ages 12-18. I would give this book a 4/5 starts.

ArapahoeMaryA Aug 18, 2018

Sherman Alexie gives readers an underdog to cheer for in the brave and unlikely hero, Arnold (Junior) Spirit. Despite many challenges, Junior never gives up and expands his opportunities, gains respect from others, and learns that he is strong enough to withstand just about anything.

Aug 11, 2018

I devoured this book in about three hours. It was a quick, easy read that brought to light many identity, racial, and grief issues. I honestly think it would be a good book for just about any high school kid to have read. Some of Junior's reactions to things caught me off guard, but it's hard to judge when the life experience and perspective he presents is so vastly different from my own.
It is written like a diary, with drawings and a more personal tone that reminds me a bit of Catcher in the Rye, so some of the big events in Juniors' life were presented not necessarily in a way other books would present them- they were just relayed through Juniors' point of view.
Great book all around.

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