Star Wars

Star Wars

Episode VII, The Force Awakens

DVD - 2016
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Jul 18, 2019

great star wars movie! well done!

Jan 23, 2019

After many, many years, Star Wars has moved on. They did a good job of bringing the old to the new, and starting the saga again.

Dec 08, 2018

What will the next episode, after 8, be called? The New Order? A New Generation? Echoes of the Jedi? A Spark of Hope? Darkness Rising? Also, in episode IX, there are so far six characters on the character cast that don't have characters yet, but are in action scenes... The six Knights of Ren?

Aug 13, 2018

Big Blockbuster. Slow Story.
Even the prequels are better.
Nothing can beat the classic Star Wars movies

Apr 03, 2018

A good film that I rather enjoyed. Is it, in essence, a remake of A New Hope? Yes. However, it's still different enough with interesting new characters to make it worth watching. Is it for all Star Wars fans? I don't know. For casual fans though, I'd definitely recommend it.

Feb 01, 2018

okay movie, love all the falcon action. the last jedi is a lot better though.

Jan 30, 2018

Formulaic. I have hope for the new characters, however.

Jan 05, 2018

Amazing characters, but too similar to Episode IV :( I expected better from J.J. Abrams. A lot better, actually. I feel like he's finally losing his edge as a film director.

Nicely cast, nicely acted.

But hey, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi just came out and it is AWESOME! So different from the rest of the Star Wars movies! Can't wait until the library catalogue acquires it, and I will write an extensive comment on all the good things about it! :)

Dec 26, 2017

A different way of telling the same story. Reminded me of the first movie.

Dec 19, 2017

Pretty good movie. There are other stories in the Star Wars Expanded Universe to movies on. Such as a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed,Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic movie. PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN GEORGE LUCAS

Dec 08, 2017

waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than all the prequels combined.
i'm a huge fan of star wars but all the characters are boring, Rey is a mary sue, Finn could be removed from the movie, the death of Han Solo was seen from a mile away, Rey was made to make star wars have a "strong female character"(who is Leia?), Luke decided to run away and wallow in self pity for messing up once, Kylo is an edgelord, Jakku is discount Tatooine, there's no way that the "First Order" could get funds to turn a planet into a worse deathstar, the movie focuses way too much on comedy and slapstick humor, Leia ignored Chewie in favour of comforting Rey and the worst part of it? SO MUCH CG, we were promised practical effects but all we got were disgusting CG monstrosities.
don't waste the money or the time to watch this.

Oct 13, 2017

DO NOT READ comments, major SPOILERS

Watching this in the theater was an incredible experience; it felt like watching Star Wars for the very first time. Seeing it a second time however made me not only feel like I'd seen this movie twice, but that I'd also watched Star Wars for about the 20th time, because it basically is a modernized retelling of Star Wars, just with better graphics and less whining.

Aug 05, 2017

this movie was a remake of a new hope. so there's the bad guys...blah blah blah then there's the good guys blah blah blah!! then the good guys blow up the imperial base BOOM! BANG! KA-POW! same as a new hope.'s a pretty good movie except for the plot. I think rogue one is a lot better than this movie but that's just my opinion.

Jul 25, 2017

When I first saw this movie, I fell in with the hype train along with everyone else. The same thing happened when I first saw each of the three prequels. Anyone who is a fan of the original trilogy is likely going to be so hungry for more SW so anything seems great. But much like the prequels, once you go back and watch, you notice the flaws. Don't get me wrong, this isn't anywhere near as bad as the first two prequels (the third, for all its flaws, was still pretty good. Too bad Lukas didn't start at that point!), it's not great. It suffers from a bad case of J.J. Abrams. The story doesn't answer any questions the audience has, and worst, asks a lot more questions to be answered down the line. Essentially, it's LOST. The story needed to spell out what happened to the Empire and the Rebellion. It needed to tell us what happened to Luke, Leia and the gang. We get glimpses of what they are currently doing, but little on what happened after ESB. That's not good storytelling when you're making a sequel. Maybe if the new story were set hundreds of years after the original (ala Sanderson's Mistborn trilogies), that would be understandable. Not while most of the original characters are still alive and active.

Aside from that, it was still a good movie. The stories of Finn, Rey and Poe are enjoyable to watch (even if their backstories start and end with blanks), and they all have good chemistry interacting. With Rey we get another female hero who doesn't need rescuing. In Finn we get a rogue character looking to change his ways after experiencing a moral enlightenment. In Poe we get,, a really good starfighter? In Kylo we get a 'young Anakin' disturbed, fit throwing villain. What we don't get is to find out what or who was the awakening referring to? Or whether both Rey and Finn are both force sensitive or just Rey (Kylo sensed him in the force twice before being aware he defected, and Finn briefly held him in the lighsaber duel)?

A really good SW movie. Not as amazing as the original trilogy, but better than Ep1 or 2,
probably equal to Ep3 and not quite as good as Rogue One.

This was probably the worst Star Wars movie yet. What a terrible ending! I hope the will do a better job with the next movie coming out: Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi.

Mar 25, 2017

I loved the original Star Wars movies when they came out way back when. They were original and creative. While this wasn't bad, it was so much like the first one that it could not be called either original or creative, from the bar scene with the crazy beings to the droid that has a map that is wanted by the bad guy - slight changes, but nothing new from the original movie. All in all, it was pretty disappointing that after so many years they came up with such a weak movie.

Feb 14, 2017

This was a great movie! I'm not a Star Wars fan and had never seen the original movie but this movie introduced the new characters as well as the old ones. I liked the action and the lead actors and loved the story line. I understood the movie without knowing a thing about the story of Star Wars. Great action, humor and everything you need for a great movie.

Feb 04, 2017

Being a big fan of Star Wars and Star Trek, I'd have to say this movie was hands down the worst movie I've ever seen. Save your time and find another movie. It looks like a low-budget film. They substituted a story line for unnecessary gruesome violence. Not for children!!!

Dec 27, 2016

In my opinion there were better stories to make a new Star Wars movie from the expanded universe books. This movie seemed rushed and gave the same plot line as episode 4 A New Hope. The new villain Kylo Ren was a horrible joke looked like a Sith Jonas brother. Carrie Fisher seemed wooden as older feisty Princess Leia devoid of any life. Harrison Ford and Anthony Daniels did a good job back in their characters. I think it was bad judgment to kill off Han Solo so soon. Also after Han Solo's death there was no remorse it was like oh well. This movie to me just felt like a rushed cash grab by Disney who now destroyed the Star Wars expanded universe and some very good reading fodder for children with imagination. Star Wars should have died with the end of the prequels.

Dec 18, 2016

This was an amazing movie, and truly rekindled that childhood nostalgia of the first time I watched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope! Kylo Ren, although a little whiny and resembling a hormone-ridden teenager a little too much to be an actual Sith Lord, was still cool, and partially filled the void left by the death of Darth Vader. Perhaps more memorable were the other characters such as Han, Chewie, Rey, and the other rebels, both old and new. The special effects, acting, dialogue (minus the cheesy puns), and the twist and turns of the overall adventure were also very enjoyable. Plus, the true identity and back-story concerning Supreme Leader Snoke still has me biting my nails and pacing the floor over the continuation of the story. However, without completely nerding out, and causing a ravenous back-and-forth in this comment section, I have but only two issues with the film:

1. Rey's innate ability to summon Jedi powers to defeat a far more powerful and well-trained Sith with ease. The acquiring of such powers demands years of rigorous discipline and training for Jedi to even remotely reach this state of control, let alone wield a light saber like a master and manipulate the minds of other sentient beings. Yet somehow Rey is immune to this reality.

2. The plot veered far too close to that of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, in that Rouge Squadron must again navigate their X-Wings into a Death Star-like structure before it reaches a point by which it can destroy the Rebel Insurgence. This was simply too similar to the original film for me; I was really expecting something much more novel and unexpected. I mean, we have an entire galaxy full of bad guys, countless worlds inhabited by exotic alien species, the deep coffers of Disney, and the creative genius of JJ Abrams--just a though though.

Nov 01, 2016

Great movie I would reccomend waching this.

Oct 24, 2016

Entertaining, I'll yield on that point. But it's disappointing the creative team weren't -- in fact -- more creative. After all, we've already seen episodes 4-6; no need to waste film repeating the entire story line again with different characters. Still, as a viewer, since you didn't have any say in the plot yourself, like I say this film still has all the essential Star Wars elements: good vs.evil, non-stop-action, adventure, suspense, drama, & even a little comedy. And all well done too. It's just a shame to go through all effort that and not end up with something a little more creative and original.

Oct 21, 2016

Awesome movie. Dang to many holds though... :(

⚔ May the Force be with you! ⚔

Aug 22, 2016

Not really original, but I still liked it

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