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Man of Steel

DVD - 2013
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Jun 12, 2019

A solid film; the darker the better.

In my opinion, the best Superman movie. The Donner ones feel a little too campy and cheesy for my linking. I feel like they innovated the most here.

Aug 07, 2018

Going in the exact opposite direction of Christopher Reeve's bright and compassionate Superman, director Zack Snyder has created a dark, sullen Superman that appears directly inspired by Dr. Manhattan from 'Watchman'. Filled with character development and pacing issues galore, the bulk of the movie focuses on gratuitous violence as Superman battles General Zod while the latter attempts to transform Earth into an alien ecosystem. Something like gigantic mechanical spider from the Will Smith piece 'Wild Wild West', oddly enough, makes a return as the terraforming engine.

Had I come in with lower expectations, I suppose I would've judged this film less harshly. At the same time, though, Superman as a character is supposed to be a beacon of inspiration and hope. Instead, the film presents him as a burdened loner who feels so separate from humanity as a whole that he has to question whether or not we're actually worth saving. The intense emphasis on images of buildings blowing up as the fighting goes on and on also isn't anywhere near appealing but instead feels pointless. Overall, this ought to be skipped.

Jun 18, 2018

I think that this version of Superman is far superior to both priors iterations. I thought the religious metaphors were clever - from the Moses reference from the original story when he is sent off to earth by his parents (although not exactly in a basket made of reeds) to the Christ reference when he reveals himself to the world in his 33 year of existence. I disagree that the film was too dark or there was too much violence. I am happy that there was no winking at the audience with obvious camp. Strong characters and strong acting - particularly Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon.

Jun 02, 2018

This disc is worthwhile for the "Strong Characters, Legendary Roles" special feature. It is an interesting take on the evolution of the Superman story and an expression of what the film makers (thought they) were making. "Thought" because the film itself is mostly violence (action, if you like). The poignant observations, the clever plotting, etc, outlined in the featurette are buried under the violence. So watch the featurette and skip the film. Or watch the featurette first, then watch the movie, fast-forwarding thru the gratuitous (to the story) action.

Jan 06, 2018

I agree with both of you, AMerr22 and reypotter06 (I'm Catholic too 😇). Superman is not God or Jesus Christ, he is an alien with superpowers that we need only see in movies. He's fiction, period. It's not like this film said boldly and defiantly, "Superman is God." They just said that to some people he is a god, and is very powerful, like a mythical Greek or Roman god.
Overall I enjoyed watching 'Man of Steel'. Interesting to learn about Superman's past.

Jan 04, 2018

I enjoyed this movie, I agree with you AMerr22. I also am Catholic.

Oct 27, 2017

The comment below made by TheUltimateReviewer is only somewhat true. There are some similarities throughout the movie, but nothing against Catholicism. It is never once in the movie mentioned that he is God, the closest thing that come to it is one of the characters says, "He will be like a god to them", noting that it dosnt say he is God, but they use that line to emphasize that he is more powerful than us. I have seen this movie multiple time and i am Catholic and I find nothing wrong with it and I recommend it.

They compare the "Man of Steel" to JESUS CHRIST. Not at all recommended.

Jan 24, 2017

Based on one of the most famous superheroes of all time, Man of Steel delivers epic action alongside a good plot. The CGI was incredible, with everything looking pretty realistic. The action was amazingly epic, with hard and powerful blows from otherworldly aliens. Intense action is something I really like in action movies, especially when the effects are well done. Basically, the movie begins with the destruction of Superman’s planet as he is sent to Earth. We see him as a youngster and some of the things he is capable of, like saving kids in a bus by holding it up! As he grows up, he must find a purpose.
Rating: 3/5
- @JuiceboxZ of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

In this 2013 film following the life of Cal-El, but known as Superman or Clark Kent to many. This good-hearted superhero grew up with a simple life but learned he had unordinary powers. Personally, I loved this film, everything from the cinematography to the plot. However, the character himself never really struggled with inner demons, thus not making him relatable to the average person. This was an interesting concept and great CGI to go with it.
- @Florence of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Apr 19, 2016

Terrible--Hardly any story and the whole thing is non stop CGI explosions. Skip it.

dragonrabbit Mar 10, 2016

This version of Superman is joyless and as heavy handed as a punch by General Zod. Some nice visuals, however the fight scenes seem to never end.

CMLibrary_gjd_0 Feb 05, 2016

For a Superman movie, this had a lot going for it. I find Superman boring because he always does the right thing--what's interesting about that?!? This movie pits the man of steel against his own kind, just returned from the Phantom Zone and Zod is ready to kill. The end fight scene is way too long, but other than that, I'd watch it again. Good start to the planned Justice League franchise.

Oct 31, 2015

The biggest question is why this film was made. It's not that different from the other Superman films. A few more special effects, but blah.

I give it no stars at all.

Aug 22, 2015

Man of Steel is the first movie of a new Superman reboot. When we were all little we must’ve thought that it would be so cool to be Superman. But in this movie it shows us that he had a hard time fitting in with others. This movie shows how hard it was for Superman as he was growing up. He had to deal with powers that he didn’t even know where they came from until he went on a quest to find out things about is past like is family, his home and his strange powers.

This movie showed a lot from his past life before he set foot on earth when is shuttle was found by Mr. and Mrs. Kent who let him to be known as they’re son, they named him Clarke Kent. Later on in the movie he finds himself in one of Krypton’s spacecraft’s and meets his real father and tells him about where he came from.

The origin of Superman was very brief in this movie and I didn’t really know how the rest would play out. I thought this movie could have a more evil villain the General Zod and his army was a little too predictable we knew his plan with just within less than 10 minutes into movie but that didn’t bother me at all the action scene were amazing but there should have been more than just one, come this is Superman movie this is one of the greatest Superhero of all time, he deserves better.

I rate the=is movie 7.5/10. The lack of the origin and action sequences this movie would have been had 10/10 but I still rate it 7.5 because it was still a great movie and I love the parts where they decide to make him start off as an adult and we could see flashbacks or the movie would have been longer than expected other than that this movie was amazing.

Aug 15, 2015

great movie

Aug 05, 2015

very good movie, gives us a great story how everything started

Jul 26, 2015

A bit too much and repetitive special effects sequences. Buyt entertaining none the less.

May 24, 2015

I thought it was a well-done movie that has some pretty inspiring pieces to it. Definitely worth watching over and over again!

Apr 13, 2015

I thought the first hour of the film was really cool. Really great action/fight scenes. But character of superman doesn't seem to have charm or much depth. The last half of the movie went south for me. Superman killed someone, okay, I take that. But crying and getting held by Lois. Lame.

Feb 14, 2015

I dont think it is fair to comment on a movie unless it is watch entirely. So that is what I managed to do... just barely.
This movie is so bad. It has none of the charm and chemistry of the original Superman series. And the action scenes are like watching someone else play a video game you really dont like. And the whole time the lines are spoken so pompously and yet they contain absolutely no content.
This is the worst superhero movie Ive ever seen.
This is a genuine stinker.

Dec 16, 2014

For starters - It absolutely made me cringe, big-time, when once Superman had finally finished off the bad guys (and the bad girls), he proudly turned to Colonel Hardy and smugly boasted "I'm as American as you can get." (Oh? Really!? Spare me!)

And, since Superman considers himself to be "as-American-as-you-can-get", does that mean that if the USA went to war against another nation on this planet he'd be right there on the battlefield with the American troops ready to royally kick the enemy's ass?

So - How's this for a fitting ending to this film's story? - After single-handedly saving all us Earthlings from total annihilation, Superman (aka. Clark Kent) is so graciously rewarded for his brave deeds by being given the crummy, ass-kissing job of being a newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet.

It really annoyed me that in Man Of Steel, Superman wasn't a crime-fighter, at all. On the contrary, all of the devastating troubles that he dealt with in this story were all brought to this planet on account of him being who he was.

All-in-all - Man Of Steel was nothing but pure superhero junk food for superhero junkies who're more than willing to swallow anything that Hollywood sees fit to dish out to them, even if it's something that's completely void of any fresh, new ideas.

I thought it was typical movie-making hypocrisy that the existence of "god" was clearly dispelled, and, yet, the very presence of Superman was promoted as being the literal "Coming of Christ".

And, finally - I totally resented it that this $225 million production was used as a blatant advertising ploy to plug the likes of Sears and 7/Eleven.... (All for truth, justice and the American way, right?)

Dec 04, 2014

An OK S.M. film. The fist-fights with General Zod got a little tiring but the price was right for a look-see.

Nov 10, 2014

First off, this movie is not a remake, it’s a totally different story, no Lex Luther. Second, it’s all visual. The story is very weak with some big holes, but having said that, it’s a very well done movie. The sci-fi ideas and visuals are excellent. There is zero comedic relief, no stupid characters or wise cracks, much better than Ironman, batman etc…The last 30 minutes is quite long but still a very good action movie.

Aug 10, 2014

very good

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