Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

DVD - 2009
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Katie and Micah are a young middle class couple who are engaged to be married. After moving into a suburban 'starter' house in San Diego, California, they begin hearing noises while trying to sleep. Not knowing if the presence is demonic or not, they attempt communicating through a Ouija board, angering the spirit further. Now they may never sleep again, or they may never wake up!
Publisher: [California] : DreamWorks Pictures, c2009
ISBN: 9781415753392
Branch Call Number: PAR
Characteristics: 1 videodisc (ca. 86 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in


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Jun 16, 2019

I cannot ever forgive this film for its complete deception when it came to its false marketing hype and its wasting 90 minutes of my time.

"Paranormal Activity" was so horrendously lousy that it actually made "The Blair Witch Project" look worthy of an Oscar by comparison. The now-stale, hand-held camera concept used for effect in this film didn't work to its advantage at all.

The way that I see it - When you seriously consider that this supposedly demonic entity (that was present in the story) had actually been stalking Katie for 15 years (That's right - 15 years!) before it finally sprang into action - Well, that, alone, easily rendered "Paranormal Activity" as being one of the lamest and most ridiculously retarded horror movies ever produced.

JCLMattC Oct 15, 2018

The best way to enjoy the movie is with as many people as possible. I saw it in a packed theater and, during the night vision scenes, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was breathlessly waiting for the next scare. Watching it by yourself is kind of pointless.

Jan 22, 2018

Decent horror flick that will make you jump in spots.

Jan 31, 2015

Combines the choppy verité style of "Blair Witch" with the non-Disney elements of "Poltergeist". Director Peli frames his shots just right and then ratchets up the suspense until you squirm. The nighttime scenes especially had my skin crawling; who knew that looking at nothing could be so frightening? Unfortunately the actors are not quite up to the task especially with a script consisting mainly of bad improv and running up and down staircases. There are too many illogical plot devices (“Gee, something demonic is running amok so let’s keep the lights off as we film the apartment and then go back to bed…”) and a cheap Exorcist rip-off towards the end left me groaning. This type of horror is best played out in the audience’s imagination where subtlety is the key; by bombarding the screen with exaggerated visuals Peli ends his film with the diabolical equivalent of a car chase. When it works it leaves you covered with goosebumps, but when it doesn’t the whole production goes down like a flaming Ouija board.

Jan 19, 2015

Not that bad, not that great either. Creates a spooky atmosphere with a micro budget, but ultimately I think the minimalist nature of the movie let me down. Nothing really happens. Not even a glimpse of the demon.

I finally got around to watching it to see what all the hype was about. Wasn't anything special, I've seen much better horror movies.

Jan 06, 2015

You know, if you actually went ahead and cut all of the worthless crap and useless garbage outta this picture you'd literally be left with no movie to watch at all. It's true.

This film was one of the last decade's biggest movie rip-offs. And, with that, it takes the meaning of the word "rubbish" to an all-time low.

Not even slightly scary, this film was filled to overflowing with atrociously bad everything, from acting, to effects, to dialogue.... All of it - Absolutely atrocious!

BookReviewer2015 Nov 07, 2014

A terrifying tale of marital discord, demons-personal and real, and the ominous start of perhaps the greatest horror-suspense series for a long time.

Perfect for Halloween!

Jul 25, 2014

Katie and Micah are an ordinary young San Francisco couple that have recently moved into a new home. As they sleep during the night, strange things occur. As the occurrences become more frequent and much more dangerous it becomes apparent that something is not right. After consulting an incompetent demonologist and having the activity become more violent, Katie and Micah are desperate.
“Paranormal Activity” is a found footage horror film. Found footage films are films made from movie reels that would have been ‘found’ after events occur (for example, footage from a security camera). Many found footage films are campy or unbelievable, but “Paranormal Activity” is well done. The plot is interesting and the characters are likeable and realistic. The ‘activity’ is simple but believable enough to induce fear within watchers. This move does not use typical horror movie clichés to scare its viewers, but rather comes up with new methods. There is no real gore, and there is no definitive 'monster' that is hunting the characters. The demon remains invisible, allowing viewers to form their own images of what they think it looks like. This helps to create more fear, as the monster is constantly tailored to each and every person.
Overall, “Paranormal Activity” is a movie worth watching. It is a horror movie though, so consider yourself warned. Due to mild language, this movie is suitable for ages fourteen and up. The author of this review also highly recommends “Paranormal Activity”, as it is a good film filled with unique scares that will scare you for many times to come.

Apr 26, 2014

Actually saw this movie in the theatre. Was so comical i had to hold my mouth shut i was laughing so hard. NOT RECOMMENDED. However, i watched the sequel at home, late at night, in the dark and enjoyed it greatly so there is something to be said about atmosphere.

Mocha6ft3 Jan 06, 2014

I was a bit leary about watching this, but hearing how excited my friend was about buying this video i couldn't say no. After all, these types of movies are suppose to frighten you, make you scared, give you goose pimples. However, in my mind i thought it would be very corny. Just another one of those silly movies with the camera as your guide. Here's the funny part. About 15 minutes to half an hour, nothing much happens and my friend starts thinking she may have wasted her money. Her words "ahh, this is f@#ked up, when the hell is something going to happen? And then it did. The first thing that had my friend grab my arm is when you first see the shadow of a figure move on the bedroom door. That was kind of cool, but nothing to send shivers up my spine. The sounds of banging throughout the house was ok and it sound nice on my HOMETHEATER! But once again, nothing big. It wasn't until the sheets on the bed were pulled back and the woman was grabbed and then dragged out the bedroom as the door slamed shut that had my friend scream and curse....LOUD! Now this movie has my complete attention. The scene when the boyfriend is thrown against the bedroom wall and his girlfriend is standing there in the dark had my friend jump 10 FEET HIGH!!!!! I have never seen my friend jump that high before, so i'm giving this low budget horror video 4 stars. For some creepy scenes, corny but effective sounds, decent visuals that were effective, and the actors, writters, and director for having the guts to pull it off. Several tender Fillets of fish with just a touch of lemmon, about ten large shrimp, some slices of whole wheat bread, slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, mayo or tartar sauce and ice tea or ginger ale.

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Jul 20, 2015

sava thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 9 and 10

Jul 01, 2010

Cthulhu thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and over


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Jul 01, 2010

Coarse Language: A smattering of profanity; not too much compared to many other, more mainstream, films such as GoodFellas.


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Jan 22, 2018

Micah: [discussing demons] Basically, they're these malevolent evil spirits that only exist to cause pain and commit evil for their own amusement. It's pretty creepy- I mean, they stalk people for years, like decades, and sometimes they're really intelligent in the way they do things to freak you out.


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