How to Outrun A Crocodile When your Shoes Are Untied

How to Outrun A Crocodile When your Shoes Are Untied

eBook - 2014
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When twelve-year-old Ana's zoologist parents move the whole family into the zoo, the Sneers--the clan of carnivorous female predators in her class--have even more ammunition to make her life miserable, although she tries to act like a chameleon and fade into the background.
Publisher: Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2014
ISBN: 9781402297571
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For animal lovers - the author is a zoologist! Ana Wright's social life is now officially on the endangered list: she lives in a zoo, her best friend lives on the other side of the world, and the Sneerers are making junior high miserable.

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Sissi22002 Apr 19, 2015

This book was a great read! I liked how Ana "wrote the book herself," (the author wrote it in Ana's voice/point of view). I felt more connected since it was in Ana's point of view. The style of writing was also unique and it was funny at many parts. Overall, it was a great read.

My 3 questions.

1. If Liv never moved, what who would Ana be at the end of the book. (would she be brave or shy? would she have the friends she has now? etc.)

2. Did Brooke ever want to be Ana's friend?

3. What was Ms. Fenton's reaction to Ana's new art project (the one she was going to give Ms.Fenton at the dance).

angelica1234_5 Apr 11, 2015

This book very splendid!I overjoyed reading this book because of the author's humor and the message about true courage.Did you enjoy this book?Why or why not?I always wonder why Ashley always bullies Ana.Is it because she's jealous of her or is it because she just want to be cool and popular?Ana hasn't even done anything to Ashley,so why is she being mean to her? If Brooke(on the inside)doesn't like Ashley much,why did she decided to become her friend?In my opinion,i think it's because she just want's to be popular,as well.What's your opinion?Have you ever wondered if one day,Ashley would become BFF with Ana?I mean,how cool would that be?I wonder if Ashley will remain enemies of Ana or soon becomes bff.And i'am totally dying to see what will happen next!I also hope tha Liz would come soon!Why did she leave in the first place anyway?This book is thre most-preferred book i recommend for all reader!It will

Apr 05, 2015

I loved this book! Very good read. I would recommend it to anyone! I am looking forward to reading the sequel!

Owl_Feathers Mar 29, 2015

I tried to like this book. The situation: best friend moves away and your family doesn't understand you was very relatable. However, some just don't seem to fit. Ana complains too much for someone who's already in grade seven and the Sneerers act like they are in grade 10 or something. I understand that the 'mean girls ' are always an exaggeration of real life, but they're still in grade seven. I personally have never known a group of people who would wear the same clothes, post embarrassing pictures of people around the school, record people then post it on the Internet or make a plan to knock someone's lunch over them. I feel as if the author is trying to sound in character, but forgot what people were like when they were in the seventh grade.

Although it was slightly annoying in the book, I'm glad that Ana has a flawed personality, it makes her seem actually realistic. I also liked her interactions with her brother, I always enjoy when siblings in books treat each other realistically: not being too nice or petty towards each other. I wish we had been able to see Liv a bit more, from the book, she sounds like a character that I would really enjoy.

Some questions I have:
1. What caused Liv to move, and how did she feel initially about moving to an entirely new country?
2. Does Daz really not care about the things that mortify Ana, or is he just good at acting natural?
3. Is it just me, or did Kevin seem to have liked Ana for a long time? If so, why?
4. And finally, how old is Sugar?

Sam_13 Mar 24, 2015

I really liked the way the other added facts in the beginning of the chapters and added thoughts from the main characters point of view. The drama in the book was amazing and it was very humurous. I wasn't expecting much but the exciting events, one after the other, really got me hooked. I really enjoyed seeing the way Ana became confident, can't wait to read the second book!

izabulka Mar 16, 2015

I found this to be a nice “coming of age” book, as it talked greatly about the factors of growing up through middle school, and the challenges that come along with it, such as bullies and public speaking. Although, I felt as if the characters were slightly undeveloped. In summary, this is a fairly good book to read.

yanzhang1234 Mar 16, 2015

This book was really different from the other books. Since this type isn't much of adventurous but it was still a great book. It's weird how the title can be so unrelated with the story. Here are my three questions:
1. Did Zack ever ask Ashley to the dance?
2. Was Brook known to Ashley's side or Ana's side? ( Brook was nice to Ana a few times)
3.What was Ms. Fenton reaction to Ana's project?

skiebluie Mar 13, 2015

Reading this text at first i wasn't expecting much but as i got further into the humorous story i started to get draw into the plot line and characters i enjoyed learning about Ana and her story of maturing into a confident person cant wait to read the second book

extreme_fangirl Mar 02, 2015

The main theme of this book was to be true to yourself. This is an important thing to remember for kids, especially due to huge amounts peer pressure.

Ana feels her life is falling apart because her best friend moved to the other side of the world, she gets bullied at school everyday and her social/love life is at an all time low. To top it off, she has a famous grandfather with a gorgeous girlfriend and lives in the zoo with her zoologist parents, who named her after an anaconda. This makes her feel like even more of a freak/loser.

Throughout the course of the book, Ana learns to take control of her life and stands up for herself. She makes new friends and starts to stop caring about what others think of her. This change is represented when she morphs from a girl who puked at the thought of presenting for others, to a girl who is confident and finds her inner bravery with the help of her new found friends.

I also really liked how the author included a cool fact about animals at the beginning of each chapter.

As for my 3 questions:

1. Now that Ana stood up to the Sneerers, how will they treat her at school?

2. Brooke showed her nice side and helped Ana stand up to Ashley. Will this behaviour continue or will she keep following Ashely around as part of the Sneerers?

3. How will Ana and Kevin's and Daz and Bella's relationship progress?

Aztecatl13 Feb 20, 2015

this book was about a girl who has to deal with mean school bullies, losing her best friend who moved to New Zealand, and finding her true self. Overall, I found this was an ok book because I felt I could relate to it. Ana, the main character, was basically feeling like her life was a mess. It all changed when she stopped caring about what others thought of her and realized her passion for animals. It made her brave. I found it really touching that a person could find bravery with their inner passion. To sum it, this book was funny, relatable, and had many cool subplots. It's not the best this year out of all the nominations but it was still good.

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