I Wish You All the Best

I Wish You All the Best

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After coming out as nonbinary, Ben must leave home and goes to live with a sister and her husband to finish the last year of high school.


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After coming out as nonbinary, Ben must leave home and goes to live with a sister and her husband to finish the last year of high school. Also available as an eBook,

Thrown out by their parents for coming out as nonbinary, Ben moves in with their sister and finishes high school in a new town. As Ben learns to heal from their trauma, what started as a disaster might become their chance at a happier life.

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Apr 19, 2021

This was honestly so good I really liked this story!!

Apr 19, 2021

A totally captivating read.

Barrie_Teen_Lists Mar 24, 2021


I Wish You All The Best by author Mason Deaver is a magnificent capturing of the often difficult experiences of people in their youth. Ben De Backer's hope for a life where they can be themself is thrown out the window after their parents kick them out for being non binary. Now left with nowhere to live their only option is to try and reconnect with their sister Hannah and her husband Thomas who Ben has never even spoken to. After over 10 years without contact Ben must try to make amends with their sister after all this time has turned them into complete strangers. Despite Thomas and Hannah's acceptance of their identity Ben chooses to keep their gender a secret after starting at a new school. However, when Ben meets Nathan things only get more complicated as Ben tries to imagine a future with Nathan where they can be out and in a relationship with someone they love. Now faced with the problems that come with balancing school, family, relationships, and mental health Ben De Backer struggles to find their place back in the world, but with the help and support of many kind individuals they might finally feel normal and at home. Mason Deaver does a wonderful job of putting the clumsiness of life and love into a story that many people can enjoy regardless of identity. However, with few instances of gender representation outside of the mainstream binary I Wish You All The Best is important and impactful to those who struggle to find themselves in today's media. This text presents the normalization of Non Binary identities without invalidating the everyday struggles that those who identify outside of the gender binary face on a daily basis. Fans of Adam Silvera will devour Mason Deaver's debut novel that shows the often ugly side of finding our place in the world, and the joy of celebrating what we find in ourselves and in each other.

SAPL_Teens Oct 15, 2020

Ben is a vulnerable teen who gets kicked out of their home for being non-binary. Ben moves in with their sister, Hannah and her husband. Slowly things start to come together. This was an incredible story and I hope teens find it on the shelves. It's important to see this kind of representation in YA books, and even better when it's such a well-written heart warming story. There are some difficult scenes, but the positives help balance the book. I could not put this book down and I think that teens will find it and love it too. 5/5 stars - SAPL Read It & Review Contributor

ArapahoeDax Apr 07, 2020

Oh, my heart. This whole book broke my heart and put it back together again. Nathan is the sweetest character to ever exist and I only wish that every enby (non-binary) person had someone so caring fighting in their corner. This book is hard to read at times and trigger warnings on emotionally abusive parents, depression & anxiety. Hopefully this book will teach the importance of proper pronoun usage and understanding the weird emotional struggle some of us have with asking for the right pronouns to be used.

Gina_Vee Feb 22, 2020

Okay, first of all, hands down, Ben is the most relatable and loveable character I have ever "met" in a fiction book. I loved every minute of Ben's life story in this novel, except almost every minute that involved their parents. Their interactions with their parents are highly cringe-worthy and heartbreaking. I cried during their first panic attack because it reminded me of some of my worst panic attacks. I laughed in almost every moment Miriam was a part of in the book because they are so comfortable in their own skin. I'd highly recommend this book. It was not only educational for me but it was also such a great work of realistic fiction from an Own Voice perspective.

AlishaH_KCMO Jan 09, 2020

I Wish You All the Best is such a groundbreaking book that will let multiple people feel seen.

Trigger Warnings: misgendering, homophobia, anxiety, depression

When Ben finally decides to come out to their parents that they're nonbinary, everything goes south and Ben's out on the streets in just their socks. They call a sister they haven't had any contact with in 10 years to come pick them up and they begin living with them. Ben just wants to get through the last half of senior year unnoticed but they meet Nathan, a charming and humorous student who gets asked to show Ben around on their first day at their new high school, and feelings start to grow. Trying to deal with the rejection of their parents, depression and anxiety, as well as if and when they want to come out, Ben has a lot of their plate.

So much happens within just the first three chapters alone that my heart breaks for Ben and all I want is for them to have a happy ending. I believe this is a book that needs to be added to everyone's reading list.
- It really dives into how being closeted, even slightly, can affect mental health.
- How living a life that isn't 100% true to you is agonizing (in Ben's case, misgendering).
- The book, in my opinion, shows what it's truly like to have a panic attack and trying to figure out the triggers and then going through the steps to try and calm your nerves.
- It shines light on those who haven't really had much light shined on them in mainstream anything. There is a pansexual character in the book and so far, I've only read one other book with that representation and it made me smile.
- The book also brings up the struggle of figuring out "how and why do I want to label myself?" Rather that's to live your life to the fullest, to connect to others, or to give yourself a sense of being, everyone's reasons are different and Ben's story mentions that quite a bit.

Though I understand the book was focusing on Ben's journey as they begin coming out as nonbinary and trying to work through their anxiety and depression, I do wish some of the relationships were more flushed out. I feel like scenes were just glazed over and I just wish I would see more of Ben's friendships grow.

Jan 04, 2020

It can be difficult to find a story with non-binary teen characters, particularly one that highlights the myriad of internal struggles unique to those exploring their gender identity. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST does so with care and honesty, and will be useful to any reader who may have questions about their own identity. The story acknowledges very difficult challenges (family, school, relationships, expression) while also sharing the benefits of learning to love yourself, friendships, therapy, and love.

LPL_MargoM Dec 19, 2019

If you're looking for a fast, delightful read, this book is for you. I Wish You All the Best is one of the very few books I've read with a non-binary protagonist written by a non-binary person. I love it. I can't express how much I treasure this book. Representation is important. This delightful love story is important.

I'm excited to see what Mason Deaver writes in the future. I will read anything they choose to publish.

Nov 21, 2019

Books with nonbinary main characters, especially written by nonbinary authors are rare, but needed. what makes this book even more amazing and rare is that it is about a nonbinary character who was assigned male at birth (AMAB), the story highlights how being AMAB and defying the norms of masculinity can affect a person. With the few books with nonbinary or gender non-conforming characters, it is common for them to be AFAB (assigned female at birth) so having a narrator who is nonbinary and AMAB is rare and much needed. This is a beautiful book.

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