Justice League of America
Justice League of America When Worlds Collide By McDuffie, Dwayne Graphic Novel - 2009

I for one am a fan of Dwayne McDuffie's work in comic books. During his run on Justice League he brought back his superheroes from Milestone Media, an studio imprint from DC Comics back in the early 1990s where Static [Shock] originated. The Shadow Cabinet is like the Justice League run by the CIA. Lead by the mysterious clairvoyant Dhrama, you have Iron Butterfly, Donner, Blitzen, Iota, Twilight, Payback, Hardware, and Icon (*Hardware and Icon have their own books: Hardware: Man in the Machine, Icon: A Hero's Welcome & Icon: The Mothership Connection). In this crossover, the Shadow Cabinet need the remains of the villainous Doctor Light [Arthur Light] to restore the powers of the heroic Doctor Light [Kimiyo Hoshi] and when the League mistakes their actions, its a clash of the titans.

[*Fun fact: This isn't McDuffie's first time crossover for DC and Milestone. He had Superman, Steel and Superboy team-up with the Milestone/Dakotaverse heroes back in 1994 in a event called "Worlds Collide".]

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