Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart Queen of the Air DVD - 2005

“Amelia Earhart Queen of the Air” was produced by the biography channel and made in 1996. In the Synopsis it states “Drawing an extensive archival footage, interviews, and newly discovered evidence, BIO examines Earhart’s dramatic story, providing an unforgettable look at the life and legend of the courageous and groundbreaking aviator.” I think queen of the air was a perfect name for Amelia and this documentary because it really showed how much she enjoyed piloting and how she dove towards the challenges she faced while helping to prove that air transportation is beneficial for travel. It showed her as a strong, brave, intelligent and charismatic woman who followed her dreams and worked for what she believed in.

The documentary was split into six different chapters all in chronological order, starting with; A flying Legend, Golden Age of Flight, On the Verge of History, Marriage, Public and Private Life and The Final Flight. Each talking about important things in her life which helped you get a better picture of who Amelia Earhart was, what she worked for and what she achieved. The documentary displayed many pictures and old clips of Amelia Earhart interviews, and even a few flying clips. Also Interviews from her sister Muriel, her cousin, a historian, and a biographer were shown, which made it interesting, hearing what they thought about her. Overall I thought it was a well done documentary, it had all the necessary information and it didn’t seem like anything of importance was left out. Her life was nicely summed up in a short and sweet forty minute documentary which demonstrated what an inspiration Amelia Earhart is.

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