Doodlebug A Novel in Doodles By Young, Karen Romano Book - 2010

Doreen and her family are relocating from LA to San Fransciso--and Doreen is nervous and blames herself. She had big problems in her last school--didn't want to take her ADHD meds, made some bad decisions and got expelled--and wants to reinvent her self for a fresh start in SF. Doreen decides to journal in DOODLES to help her cope with these big changes for herself and her entire family. Written entirely in DOODLES--Doodlebug is fast paced- frenetic even- and full of fun and drama and all things wonderful and compelling-- I loved it so did every girl i offered it to. Romano clearly remembers what it is like to be a kid, to make mistakes, to want a clean slate, to reinvent yourself as the person you want to be-- all her characters and observations are spot on. The Art is the story--they are inseparable- Fresh and fun-- a great journal/diary book that will lead to many future Doodlebugs. YES!

Ann Langone's rating:
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