This felt like I was reading a dreamy book where the story just floated from here to there with no definite direction.
Severin is an apprentice torturer and when he is expelled from the guild, he starts on a journey toward Thrax. Along the way he meets actors who ask him to join them, shop keepers who desperately want the sword he carries; he fights a duel with flowers and befriends a lady who comes from nowhere and remembers nothing. He sustains himself by practicing the trade he has learned as a torturer and executioner when local magistrates require him.
I really liked the idea of the world but all the tiny bits of information were just frustrating in their incompleteness. When the first book failed to grab my attention I have to admit to just skimming through the second, though the impression I got of it was that it was even more disjointed than the first. The cover of the book states that this is the best science fiction book of the last century but I didn’t understand its greatness.

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