Ip man
Ip man the final fight Streaming Video - 2013 | Chinese

The original Ip Man movie starring Donnie Yen was so good,the 2 sequels that came after it (this film included) are and were totally unexpected and unnecessary period.This is part 3 aka the sequel to the 2nd film starring Donnie Yen as well.In comparison to this TIRED 3rd (and hopefully final installment) to this franchise,the 2nd Donnie Yen movie was pretty darn good actually.This totally LAME 3rd installment is shockingly way more political than it is action-packed,making it a potential sleep inducer that reminds me of the saying ''talk is cheap'' period.To the producers and studio that put this together,DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER IP MAN MOVIE EVER AGAIN BECAUSE HE IS OFFICIALLY BURNED OUT AND OLD NEWS PERIOD.This series has more than worn out it's welcome at this point period.Plus,A TOTALLY UNNECESSARY REMAKE OF THE 1ST DONNIE YEN Ip Man FILM CAME OUT IN 2010 STARRING A DONNIE YEN LOOKALIKE.Did you know that????? On purpose i been SKIPPING this 2010 remake and it is highly likely that i will never watch it ever.Adding more insult to injury is the fact that another movie that is said to be inspired by the life of Ip Man titled ''The Grandmaster'',came out in 2013.The only reason i saw this extremely bad and unnecessary take or should i say another REMAKE of the 1st Donnie Yen Ip Man Classic,is because my mom paid for that movie ticket because i don't go to the movie theaters no more for exactly 10 years now and counting.It was directed by a foreign filmmaker that has never directed an action/adventure or martial-arts movie before and you can clearly see this in the way the action scenes were shot,edited,and supervised period.If i really wanted to see some hardcore politics that is global from this art that is clearly imitating real life politics that owns us peasants i would just stick with watching YouTube videos only for that.It's time for Ip Man movies to DIE right now ladies and gentlemen forever,because he's doing too much at this point more than ever before period.Can i get a witness???????????????????????

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