Kicking and Dreaming
Kicking and Dreaming A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll By Wilson, Ann, 1950- Book - 2012

I borrowed this book because I was wondering what ever happened to Mr. Wilson (Ann and Nancy’s father). Mr. Wilson was my English teacher at Ringdall Junior High in Bellevue. The Wilson sisters would come into our classroom at the end of the year and sing some songs (Nancy on guitar, Ann on Mandolin). This was the early 1970s and the Wilson sisters were primarily playing clubs up in Vancouver, BC. Nothing cool ever happened in Bellevue (but being from Bellevue how would I know what was cool!) I knew Mr. Wilson was a Marine (a Major in the Marines) and I was reassured when Ann/Nancy said their Father was a bit eccentric. He would play recordings of radio shows in class—I remember him playing Orson Welles narrating H. G. Wells War of the Worlds. He always encouraged anything creative. This book has commentary from the sisters and band members. Nancy gave guitar lessons to the kid next door (Kelly Curtis) who would later manage Pearl Jam—sometimes Seattle seems like a very small town! Heart became a huge success with multimillion dollar sales and international tours. It was also interesting to read about two young women in a male dominated profession. In the 1980s with the introduction of MTV and music videos; the band was often encouraged to show and sell their sexuality (more cleavage!) Critics made comments about Ann’s weight and Nancy’s huge thighs!! Sheesh, what about their music?! The book covers their life from childhood (moving around the world with the military father), to settling down in the Northwest and setting up a permanent home in the Bellevue suburb of Lake Hills. Establishing their music career and dealing with the biz and success. There are funny stories about meeting rock stars and rock idols and stories of their personal lives and stories of their music. I don’t own any of their albums and have never seen them play live (except at Ringdall Junior High), but like most people know their songs and hits. As a 12-year-old to me, they were two beautiful, talented women who rocked the world!

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