Kicking and Dreaming
Kicking and Dreaming A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll By Wilson, Ann, 1950- Book - 2012

Excellent account of the sisters Nancy and Ann of the band Heart. Unlike so many biographies of movie and rock stars, this one doesn't wallow around in the drug use part of being famous (that gets so boring after a while). Instead this is a very honest look at the two sisters, their background, their personal demons and the difficulties of being accepted as 'persons' in the rock business and critiqued on their playing and singing rather than being sexualized or criticized about their appearance. You'd kinda think that in an 'artistic' business, your peers would be more open-minded and less liable to try and fit you into a pre-ordained slot, but apparently there are lots of performers and critics who like their answers nice and simple and who let their own prejudices about body-type dictate their reactions to the arts being performed. Anyway, long story short, it's a really good book!

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