I was totally engrossed with this thriller from the get go. The opening chapter starts off with a bang and a horrific crime is committed against the Quinn family with devastating and ever lasting consequences. Physically, emotionally and psychologically the two girls, Sam and Charlie, are never the same and still feel and live with the aftermath decades later.

The story alternates between Sam and Charlie during the past and the present. Sam is brought back into Charlie and Rusty's life when a school shooting occurs in their hometown and Charlie is left slightly on the edge by flashbacks and her own haunted memories of that horrific night.

There is something about the author's storytelling that compelled me to keep reading, I was on a quest to find out what really happened that night and how else the Quinn family were affected by Rusty's actions as a lawyer.

I like how both women are portrayed. Sam with her physical disabilities and constant struggle, Charlie with her psychological struggle and unspeakable nightmare with ruining everything and everyone who gets close to her (except for Rusty, because....well.... he is Rusty and as their father he lived with the guilt of what happened that night). When the school shooting brings both sisters back together after years of silence and separation, they are forced to confront and re-live what happened that night, their guilt and what they thought really happened

In regards to the school shooting. You can see how teenagers and people can be so close minded and cruel. There is no end to the cruelty that taunts and haunts people. I feel bad for the girl, she obviously needs special help but was taken advantage of over and over again. I am glad that Sam and Rusty are there to fight the good fight on her behalf.

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