Digital Minimalism
Digital Minimalism Choosing A Focused Life in A Noisy World By Newport, Cal Book - 2019

Author Cal Newport is not a technology luddite. As an associate professor of computer science, computers define his work life, yet he advocates for more thoughtful, defined use of technology in our lives.

The bulk of this book is meant to provide data and theory so that you may personally define your own goals. The author cites google insiders who reveal social media addiction techniques. The harmless college nerd creating a fun social platform is no longer. Next, the author dives into brain scan data. PET brain scan data has discovered our default mode is to "automatically practice social thinking during any moments of cognitive downtime". We're meant to be social, but does socializing online meet our needs? The author argues not if it's without forethought and intentional goals. Finally, readers are reminded of the value of solitude in our creative potential. Without uninterrupted time to be alone with our thoughts, we're missing out on deeply satisfying activities and thoughts = happiness!

It isn't until the end of the book that the author gives concrete suggestions towards minimizing your digital world. If i had to have one critique about this book, it is that readers wanting such suggestions are only given a handful. Many more suggestions would be helpful.

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