I'm so glad I gave Tamaki another chance after not enjoying This One Summer. This is probably the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing graphic novel I've read. This book also uses the fact that it's a graphic novel to its advantage by using the art to show the passage of time, convey moods and emotions, etc. This seems like an obvious thing to do, but I think it's something a lot of graphic novels forget to do, to use the medium to its greatest advantages and have a reason for making it a graphic novel outside of the fact that they can draw or know a great artist.
Outside of the beautiful art and color scheme, I enjoyed the story of Freddy growing and finding her place in her relationships. Yes, Freddy is absolutely a frustrating character, but most of us also know a Freddy, and I loved seeing that growth. One of my only problems with this book was that I wish we could've seen more of Laura Dean (although, so does Freddy I guess). I just feel like we didn't see enough of what's going on with her apart from the end. I also don't feel I gained much from the random comments by inanimate objects.
Overall, I loved this, and I would read it again.

lgbtq rep: main character in on-again-off-again f/f relationship; side characters in m/m relationship (it's super queer)

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