The Remedy
The Remedy The Program Series, Book 3 By Young, Suzanne eBook - 2015

The Remedy is an interesting read about a program designed to provide closure to victims of grief due to death. This program in particular involves someone pretending to be the dead person for a given set of time as to provide closure to the family and its members. However what I like most about the book is how down to earth it and its characters are. It let me sympathize with the main character during some interactions. Another thing I personally liked was the mention of an ethical dilemma where some members of society do not think becoming a dead person is just as one cannot speak for the dead. This also lets the reader question the main characters actions and leaves you with something to think about. On the contrary, my only gripe with the novel is that it can sometimes get wordy when you just want to move on to the next key event in the plot. Despite that, this is a book I would definitely recommend!

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