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Jul 07 2019
"honestly I didn't like how the climax happened so early, only a week or two into the Magisterium. but I forgive that for all the kick butt and humor. Bronze Key, I'm 17th baby!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously this series is one of the most awesome things ever." Permalink
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Callum Hunt's life has been difficult ever since he was admitted to the Magisterium, since his father suspects him of being evil, and his closest companion is a Chaos-ridden wolf--but when he discovers that his father may be trying to destroy both...
Hiny rated a title Jun 09 2019
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Things have been better for Callum Hunt since the evil Constantine Madden was "officially" destroyed, even his relations with his father have improved, so he is happy to get back to the Magisterium for his Bronze Year to continue his magical...
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