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VaughanPL: Adults: 12 Authors and Their TED Talks

"I love TED Talks, but sometimes they leave me with more questions than answers. Thankfully, lots of TED Talkers are authors whose talks are based on their books! Here's a few you should check out:"
VaughanPLKasey created a list Feb 26 2020
Genre Guide

VaughanPL: Preschool: Who Rhymes Like Dr. Seuss?

"I'm very picky about rhyming books - sometimes the rhythm and rhymes are strained and hard to read smoothly, but when they're done well, they add something extra special to the read-aloud experience! Dr. Seuss can always be trusted to get it right..."
VaughanPLKasey created a list Jan 11 2020
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The Testaments

"If you're like me, you found Testaments (and the Handmaid's Tale) hard to read, but oh-so-worth-it. And if you're like me, you might occasionally crave a similarly difficult progressive/feminist read. Sometimes we just have to wallow in the (real ..."
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General Recommendations

VaughanPL: Staff Picks: Best Books of 2019

"Vaughan Public Libraries staff did a lot of reading this year! Here are some of our favourite books of 2019."
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