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Aug 31, 2020aforrest_0 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
A great Nineties Disney classic. A powerful retelling of the classic Victor Hugo novel, with great messages and music: the most important of the former being that it is not how you look on the outside but how you are on the inside that counts the most . Esmeralda is most definitely one of the best Disney heroines put out there and Frollo for sure one of the scarier villains. I love "Quasi" too for sure as the sympathetic hero! I had already loved the great soundtrack for sure before I finally saw the movie for the first time. My favorite songs are "Someday" and the song I can identify with the most (because I have felt that way from time to time and known one or two myself): "God Help the Outcasts." The latter one still gets me tearing up whenever I hear it! The more dramatic parts of the story might be a little intense for the youngest viewers, but the messages of the story are still valuable, as I mentioned. Because it is done the Disney way, you can still expect a happy ending, but I'm not giving away any spoilers! Beautiful and powerful, overall!